Business Solutions

Our specialty is producing fully customized web-enabled data-capture and reporting applications.

Some of our more recent examples include information management systems for these types of applications:

  • Material Handling Work-Flow
  • Barcode Based Inventory Tracking
  • Requirements Gathering and Prioritization
  • Project/Initiative Status Reporting
  • Conference Event Planning
  • Sports Club Activity Management (With Participant Views)
  • Online Study and Discussion Forums
  • Proposal Submission and Review
  • Business Terminology (Glossary) Management
  • … and of course this web site

Each application addresses specific business needs.

Once the information model for an application is worked through, our techniques rapidly present functionality for immediate use, including features such as:

  • Browsing and editing of all information objects
  • Full text search
  • Capturing images and attachments
  • Upload/download of comma separated value (CSV) files for data import/export
  • On-line management of reference data
  • Database designed for efficient information access
  • Customizable Access Controls by role, e.g., Public View, Administrative View
  • Rich text formatting using Textile markup (a friendly alternative to HTML)
  • Fully Customizable Views (banners, logos, …)

Contact us to setup a demo of our process, where you will see an information content description become an operational web application right before your eyes.