Technology Insertion Program

Our premier jump-start service package combines all of the elements that you need to enable you to make effective use of software manufacturing based on code patterns.


A first hand look at your project and your existing work products to assess/quantify the leverage that you can expect to gain from the software manufacturing approach.


Three (3) days of training in The Software Manufacturing Approach for your team. Covers the goals and how-to elements of the SM paradigm; covers how to enable better use of SM during architecture and design activities; covers target independent and target specific modeling and how to balance specification and pattern application; gives a complete treatment of the entire process and tools.


We meet and review progress with you on four (4) strategically planned days during your activities in applying The SM Approach. These reviews are helpful in ensuring the best application of the approach to your specific project tasks and goals.


Licenses for SNIP are included for your project for up to two sites. The SNIP code pattern engine makes creating code from patterns quick and easy.