FastTracks for Ruby on Rails

FastTracks for Ruby on Rails is a model-driven, rapid application development tool. It greatly reduces the time required to get a first running version of your system.

How it works

You supply a description of your information. FastTracks uses that description to create a database schema and a fully-functional RoR web application for managing that content. You can use the application as is, or extend it to create a set of views that specializes your user’s experience.

Main Features

Go from a content description to a working browser-based web application literally in minutes.

  • Automatically creates thousands of lines of working code you would otherwise need to create by hand
  • Eliminates errors and guesswork by leveraging proven RoR code patterns
  • Need to evolve your content description? No problem. FastTracks automatically applies model changes to both the schema and generated application components, making it a valuable tool in support of iterative development