Active-Content Web Sites

Active-Content Web Sites – such as the one you are viewing right now – allow a site’s content to be managed by content owners, and for that content to be presented to the public using that special look and feel that says who you are.

Active content web sites provide the accessibility and ease of management that makes your web published content come to life.

How we do it

We start with a description of the information you need to publish, and use that to create a content editing facility using our advanced techniques.

The content is stored in a database, but don’t let that intimidate you – the application gives you views and edit forms that allow you to add/edit your content with ease.

Next, working with you, we work out how you want to present the information that you capture to your audience. This establishes the public-facing view of your information, with your logos, banners and layout, just the way you want it.

Contact us for a demonstration. It only takes a few minutes, and it will positively change how you think about delivering your information to the web.